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My most beloved favourite artwork from deviantArt! I only fav things that I really like, be it for ideological or esthetical reasons. :)


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Vindalf Othala
Oh brilliant one, who wanders the black abyss
Crawl forth from the tombs of holocaust
Oh thousandfaced moon, oh doom of lost Atalant
Wading mid corpses - Through cities of dust
Oh monarch of mayhem, oh mind-reaping messenger
Rise from the dirges and wailing of psalms
Oh pestilent force, oh vanquish the veils of light
To rave and to rape and to rip and to rend


Austrian German Language Level: Expert by gaaradesert6BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designLatin Language-Intermediate by DCMKAzarathMageHungarian Language Level-Beginners by animefan046

mythology by gyenesHouse Martell Stamp by asphycsiaLuna Winking Stamp by VipeyDashieRespect History Stamp by sugaredheart
I love Chimpanzees by WishmasterAlchemistElfenwinter Stamp by FenrisfangAustria stamp by deviantStampsSkyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyena
House Stark Stamp by asphycsiaHeiliges Roemisches Reich by Kristo1594Lord Tirek Fan Stamp by Anzu18stamp mozilla firefox by kailor
Mastodon Stamp by transientsurrealityStamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieMore than Myths... by Pelycosaur24Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Sir Isaac Newton Stamp by CheetaaaaaBrothers by Kristo1594European stamp by veryangelicOdin Rules Stamp by arsh-stamps
Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaixI love Bonobos by WishmasterAlchemistPlease No More Llamas by SongficcerBlind Guardian Stamp by hmryz
Proud to be Austro-Hungarian stamp by HerrHansHey you, it's time to start a shitstorm! by Great-5Meat lover by prosaixSo Be It - Stamp by Stamp-Abuse
Nightwish [stamp] by GothicNaiBrony- stamp by BlizzyKaiArgonians and Khajiits Stamp by Demonic-PokeyfruitRunes stamp by Skuld-Youngest-Norn
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House Stark - Winter Is Coming by AnawielleI love Basilosaurus by WishmasterAlchemisti love the night by kailorAustrian History Stamp by Cheetaaaaa
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Babenberger-Stamp by Pelycosaur24Golden Eagle Appreciation by RebiValeskaProud to be Austrian by WearwolfaaPrincess Luna Stamp by harvestcheddar
Sheogorath Stamp by I-Forget-To-ForgetSabaton Stamp by I-Hit-The-RacoonDefy Gravity by pawprntsonmyheartNightwish by o-BlueMoon-o
Dramatic Eagle by dragonflame95Sabaton stamp by lapis-lazuriPhilosopher by 1stClassStampsHoly Roman Empire by Syker-SaxonSurokov
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Gibbons. by Monster-BoarLuna -New Version- Stamp by jewlechoNocturnal Stamp by Clockwerk-chanDiscord stamp by Chrysalislover
Sindar stamp by AmarieVeanneWishful Thinking by whispwillEqualist Stamp by TandenfeeEluveitie Stamp 2 by Born-of-Wolves
Carpe Noctem Stamp by KovoWolfAnti-Racism by KeykeyStamp. by TrynnieThor Has My Back Stamp by arsh-stamps
Salzburg by Kristo1594Dream Theater Stamp by KelpyKradTrixie Lulamoon stamp. by CloudsdaleFeedback stamp by Annchyka
The Infernal City stamp by ArcaneChildSpace Stamp by dalminsHate is Hate by genkistampsSteiermark by Kristo1594
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game of thrones stamp by blackestrose-13Sexuality Stamp by INDUSTRIAL-SURGERYRome Stamp by KalliistoBurgenland by Kristo1594
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-STAMP- Dare To Be Different by the504kidI love Reptiles by WishmasterAlchemistJ.R.R. Tolkien's Stories Stamp by LegendaryWriterThe Lion King 4 by princess-femi-stamps
I Love Latin by lycanthropefulLuna Lovegood by phoenixtsukinoTolkien by Claire-stampsArgonian Stamp by Boarfeathers
:: Metal Stamp by ArticStockMark of Tzeentch by Seimei-rooAvari stamp by AmarieVeanneI Heart Mountains Stamp by devils-horizon
Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-artOmnia Stamp by xxDark-WolfxxWorship Stamp 7 by sd-stockSymbols by DinowCookie
Schandmaul - Anderswelt by Faolin-MTBayern by Kristo1594:thumb265347754:They are watching you... by DS-DNA
Pet Dragon Stamp by Sky-YoshiThe Lion King 1 by princess-femi-stampsI love cats stamp by izka197Alternate History by delano
Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatoriI love Liopleurodon by WishmasterAlchemistI wish.. by DinowCookieEmoticon Stress Ball stamp by Droneguard
Knight of Ni Stamp by WiredArtI :heart: noodles by Tipu-nekoAugustus stamp by UndevicesimusDjango Unchained stamp 2 by Chrysalislover

Bad Lip Reading Stamp by tinystalker
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Enldess Sacrifice - Dream Thater
  • Reading: Byzanz - Sebastian Fleming
  • Watching: American Horror Storry - Asylum
  • Playing: EUIII
  • Eating: Gnocchi
  • Drinking: Gasteiner Eisfrische Gletschereis
First ten things, then  my answers of his questions and then my own questions.

Ten facts 'bout me
1. I'm a proud bearded man
2. I love history, especially the history of everything east of Austrias borders.
3. I have no motivation for doing this tag-meme besides having it done afterwards.
4. I love coffee.
5. I'm easily annoyed by loud people.
6. I think Pink Floyd is an awesome band.
7. I just now realizded that it's the first of march. O.O
8. I own a lot of books.
9. I'm growing increasingly uncreative with these facts.
10. I've never been outisde of Europe

Questions and Answers

1. Are you a morning bird or a night owl?
Definitely a night owl.
2. Do you like socializing/small talk?
Depends on who I talk to.
3. I can't conceal it, don't you see, can't feel it? Don't you too? (finish lyrics)
No idea.
4. Do you have a turn on?
Lots of actually.
5. What was the first job you wanted to do when you were a kid? (I couldn't choose between a president and dustman XD )
6. *gives you a yacht* Name it and what would you want the home harbor to be?
It's name is Egads-A-Fat-Spider and it's home harbour would of course be Triest.
7. Do you like anime? :3 If yes, which is your favourite/most recent. If not, you're a sour old sod and tell me your favourite film.
There are some animes I have liked, especially anime movies. But I wouldn't call myself a fan and I really don't remember what was the last anime I watched.
8. Are there any embarrassing childhood memories you'd rather forget?
Nothing shall be shared.
9. Do you know any Harry Potter magic or incantations? *BOMBARDA MAXIMA!*
10. Draw a very quick sketch of yourself with your weapon of choice! (Here's mine: )
20150301 112213[2] by Cheetaaaaa
I did a very bad job here... Especially the head looks nothing like me...

My Questions:
1. Can you draw yourself better than I did in the above picture?
2. What's your favourite music genre?
3. What is your job?
4. Do you enjoy creepypasta?
5. Are there any japanese videogames you like to play?
6. What kind of book do you like to read?
7. Does it have sugar in it? :o
8. Your opinion of Ginger Ale?
9. Any cities you'd like to see for once?
10. Why don't you take a zip?

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